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Cost for websites and application

Yes, we charge a premium. But we are the most affordable!

No flat rates. Because we don't want you to pay more than the value what you get.

Cost range in industry for typical static websites:

Free (no charges), 2000/-, 5000/-, 8000/-, 10000/- , 12000/-, 15000/- above this either the static website is extremely big in size or involves lot of other works which are uncommon.

Dynamic websites purely depends on your specific requirements and other circumstances.

There are many scenarios in industry where the website would be just the tip of the iceberg of the solution provided, or of the total project. If the deal is for complete brand management or online presence total number of man hours will be charged rather than just the website. So if people say that they got the website for very less cost, take it with the pinch of salt.

But the basic guideline for our costing are the time, skills and expertise level to accomplish the solution, designing the solution, capacity for solving /consulting the business problem at hand.

We charge premium compared to our peers.

But soon you will realize that we are more affordable than anyone in this feild of work. Because we play a vital role to bring success in your business, which would amplify your profits.